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Fronteira da Grandeza

Fronteira da Grandeza tells the storied history of Brazil’s national expansion and current efforts to secure its borders. From Iguaçu to the edges of the Amazon and through the centers of power in Brasilía and São Paulo, see this vast country anew and learn from Brazilian voices why its people see a bright future amidst challenges—including those that come across its borders.




Arts of the Monsoon

Long before Picasso, artistic endeavors along the Indian Ocean became a way of life for many. Single mass crafted dhows sailed, convening trade that flourished for hundreds of years, cultivating interwoven, unique gems of music, art, and adornment. This is a journey of many voices coming together to share their intimate stories of connections not readily known. These universal portrayals make up the Arts of the Monsoon for future generations.

                                            Produced for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art





Combat Films & Research is a production company that has shot and produced international stories. We have expanded to  also shoot everything between commercial, corporate and educational.



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